Supporting Cast

Most of the supporting Enterprise crewmembers in Ex Machina were based on bit players and extras seen in ST:TMP.  Here are their faces.  Ranks and departments for these characters were chosen based on their uniform insignias and colors (officers wore beige or blue-gray, enlisted usually wore brown or white jumpsuits).  The exception is Chief Ross, who was described by that title in the script but had no chief petty officer insignias on her epaulets.  For more information on the actors and where in the film they can be found, see the Annotations.
Department colors:  Command Sciences Medical Operations Engineering Security   1/C = First Class etc.
DiFalco Mercado Nizhoni Onami
Chief Petty Officer Marcella DiFalco
Chief Navigator
Ensign Enrique Mercado
Bridge engineering officer
Ensign Mosi Nizhoni
Assistant Chief of Security
Petty Officer 2/C Reiko Onami
Perez Ross Spring Rain th'Clane
Ensign Joaquin Perez
Relief tactical officer, Security guard
Chief Petty Officer Theresa Ross
Engineering crew chief
Specialist 2/C Spring Rain on Still Water
Crewman 1/C Shantherin th'Clane
Security guard
T'Hesh Uuvu'it Worene Zaand
Specialist 2/C T'Hesh
Security technician (transferred)
Specialist 1/C Hrrii'ush Uuvu'it
Sensor analyst
Crewman 1/C Worene of the Thorwor Clan
Security guard
Ensign Vaylin Zaand
Internal security officer, Security guard

See also:

Rtrikahi Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Lindstrom
Governess Natira
People's State of Lorina

Main cast photos as of TMP

Petty Officer 2/C R'trikahi

Security Minister Tasari
People's State of Lorina

And a few other minor characters:

Miscellaneous crew
From Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again:

(Original screencap courtesy of Monique Ledoux  
Relief helm officer
Ensign Gerrold Auberson: Relief communications officer Specialist 2/C Edward Logan: Ecologist
Crewman 1/C Chezrava: Damage control tech Crewman 3/C Spanla: Nurse
Specialist 1/C Jade Dinh: Archaeologist


 (Except where otherwise indicated, all screen images were photographed by me from the TV screen.  The Spring Rain image is a composite I made out of this and this.  The Saurian image is from The Art of Star Trek.  Thanks to Jörg Hillebrand for the Tasari screencap.)

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