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Communications Division  1957-1959 (submitted by Jack Vahradian, Ltjg, Communications officer '57-'60)

Deck Division 1 of 2  1957-1959 (submitted by Jack Vahradian)

Deck Division 2 of 2  1957-1959 (submitted by Jack Vahradian)

Officers, including staff of Desron Eleven, taken in Melbourne, Australia in approximately 1959
(submitted by Jack Vahradian)

After an accident that occurred while refueling at sea when the Wiltsie lost steering and the
fuel lines had to be chopped free to clear us from the tanker.  (Sea of Japan??)
(submitted by Jack Vahradian)

Crossing the Equator enroute to Melbourne, Australia 1957-1959 (submitted by Jack Vahradian)

The Wiltsie and the USS Buck DD-761 taken by SK2 James H. Lawrence aboard the
USS Towers DDG-9, steaming out of Midway in June 1966.
Lawrence was onboard Towers from 1964 to 1967