AG4XM Antennas
My property is only 36' wide and 106' feet deep. I've got room here for only one HF antenna so I've tried to make it a good one. After a great deal of consideration, I decided that the best multi-band antenna for me would be the tried-and-true Delta Loop feed with 450 ohm ladder-line.
40-Meter Loop Plan View
Polar Plot
Looking west from beneath the eastern mast View of the loop's feed point on the west mast
Feed Point - West Mast
Northern Mast - Apex at 11'
Eastern Mast - 34.65' AGL

COMET GP-15 Tri-Band Vertical

52 MHz 3.5 dBi 5/8wave
146 MHz 6.2 dBi 5/8wave x2
446 MHz 8.6 dBi 5/8wave x4
VSWR 1.5:1 or less
Max Power: 150 watts
Length: 7'11"
Connector: SO-239
Weight: 3lbs. 1oz.
Construction: Fiberglass, single piece