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-Affordable electric cars costing $10,000 after tax credit and other subsidies

-More convenient than the automobile as the Liberator Car travels 100 mph while drivers relax

-80¢ per gallon (equivalent fuel efficiency)

-Freedom from foreign oil. Foreign policy around the world changes as countries no longer fear for their energy future

-70% reduction in global warming gases versus the automobile

-over 300% more fuel efficient than average automobile....

-Huge capacity due to minimal spacing with computer guidance...four tracks less than 40' wide has the same vehicle capacity as 16 lane highway...

-Cost-benefit analysis shows a 60% annual return on the infrastructure costs....fuel savings, environmental benefits, driver productivity



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Recent News...

Recent 2012 trips to Detroit are leading to some positve developments for the Liberator Car...look for important future announcements. We are very excited to be working in the automotive capital of the world!!!

In January, 2011 interview world's #1 architect and urban planner, Norman Foster, predicts the future of transportation...."Small energy-efficient vehicles will be allowed to drive informally when on small roads, but once they join the motorway or big roads, they will be locked into a...guided system with the driver merely supervising..."

-Recently completed chart of energy and CO2 emissions by different transportation modes

-New York Times reports China to manufacture 500,000 electric cars.

-Cost/benefit analysis shows 65% annual rate of return on a national DM and automated freight system.

-Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Texas A&M, National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Argonne National Laboratories, US DOT study similar about Automatic Electric Transportation

-Read what the national and international media are saying...Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cnet-Asia, WCPO TV, Associated Press, EV World, Columbus Dispatch,Cin. NPR Radio Interview , Washington Times

-Texas A&M and the Texas Transportation Institute issue 136 page study that calls for a national dual mode system within 20 years (full report)

  Other Important Recent News.


mm on groundproof-of-concept on track   The Liberator Car by MonoMobile Company

  ....liberty from oil, global warming and driving  

   Welcome to the future of transportation where drivers relax, use the internet or even sleep while electric cars virtually fly at 100 mph. Commuters would no longer sit in traffic or be inconvenienced by weather as the Liberator travels above it all on a high-capacity system. The patented Liberator by MonoMobile is a completely electric personal vehicle, that drives just like an automobile to local destinations, but connects to an electric monorail for long-distance travel. During the rail travel the onboard batteries are recharged giving the vehicle a range of 80 miles off the rail. It is safer, faster,  and more convenient than the automobile.It is 300% more fuel efficient than the automobile; will reduce transportation CO2 emissions by 70%; and, make the country completely free of oil. The infrastructure costs are significantly lower than existing highways. Using computers for guidance, the four track system that is less than 32 feet wide has the same vehicle capacity as a 16 lane highway that is over 200 feet wide. Existing highways could be converted into parks and pedestrian uses. The system also includes mass transit vehicles and driverless freight containers.


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