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Chartered - May 5, 1989

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   In 1989 SK. Dan Metz FM. finalized the plans to create a new Assembly in Harrison Ohio. Most of the established Sir Knights came from the next closest Assembly, Father Butler in Hamilton. This provided a much stronger 4th degree presence in the Harrison area. The 4th degree activities are more Visble than 3rd degree council activities. This provided a greater awareness of the Knights of Columbus in the Harrison area, and the Southwestern portion of Ohio.
    Recent News
Father McGivney    On 6-15-14 Father Michael Flick co-Celebrated his first mass as a newly ordained priest. Left Click the following link to view photo and a brief description.
Father Flick Mass
   On 11-8-13 there was a Veterans Day Celebration in the VA Hospital auditorium. Left Click the following link to view photo and a brief description.
VA Hospital Veterans Day Celebration
   Alex Meyer, Grandson of Virgil Meyer, recently received the Purple Heart award from a One Star General. (photo 4, in photo Gallery)
   On 05-07-10 we paid a Visit to the VA Hospital as an assembly. FN Virgil Meyer, PFN Charlie Wilke, PFN Rick Reistenberg, SK Tony Roark, and 2 members from St. Maximillian Kolbe Council. Left Click the following link to view photos. VA Hospital visit
   The stained glass winner is Don Coty from Joseph Cardinal Bernadine Assembly #3056, Centerville, Ohio. photo #21 in Photo Gallery
   At the Cincinnati Chapter meeting on 04-07-10, the Phrase "Born and Unborn" often used at the end of the Pledge of allegiance, was discussed. Individuals were contacted at the State and Supreme level. While the phrase was not encouraged, it was not discouraged either. It seems there is little reason to exclude this phrase. It can be said at any Council, or Chapter Meeting.
    PFN Charlie Wilke was presented the Sir Knight of the Year Award for 2009.
photo #1 in Photo Gallery 
   Before our 04-21-09 meeting our gift policy for newly ordained members of our Assembly was discussed. It was approved at our 05-19-09 Meeting
Left Click the following link for details. -Ordained Gift Policy-

Vatican Approves Decree of 'Heroic Virtue'

   Pope Benedict XVI declared Father Michael J. McGivney venerable March 15, 2008 approving a decree of "Heroic Virtue" for the parish priest who founded the Knights of Columbus. This step significantly advances Father McGivney's cause for sainthood.

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