Bradley Herbig's Home Page


                My name is Bradley Herbig.  I am 17 years old and in the 11th grade.  

              My favorite subjects in school are Algebra, German, and History.  

              I really like sports too.  To see my favorite sports, look for my 

              sports section below.  I have recently received my black belt in 

              Tae Kwon Do....  

             I also enjoy skateboarding, rollerblading and playing Final Fantasy 

              and StarCraft games in my spare time.

             My brother Kevin is in the 6th grade.  

             He enjoys playing tennis and disc golf.  And he really likes to 

                watch TV.  Among his favorite shows are Pokemon and Rugrats.  

             He also likes to watch Arthur.



        Here are some of my favorite websites.  I hope you like them too.

For Help with Homework and Other Stuff
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
CIA - The World Factbook

Discovery School

Histor esearch Comprehensive History Resources
History Channel
Info Please

   The Internet Public Library Reference Center

Math Mastery
U.S. Census Bureau - Data Access Tools

            Science / Math
Brain Pop
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Discovery Kids
Virtual Field Trips Links
How Stuff Works
Kratt's Creatures
The Magic School Bus Fun Place
NASA SCIence Files

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Popular Science
Space and Astronomy for Kids
StarChild - A learning center for young astronomers

         Just for Fun
Amanda Please

Ask Jeeves For Kids

  BAM!  The Supersite for Kids
Card Trick Central
CBS Sportsline
Earth Cam for Kids


FedStats: U.S. Federal Government Kids' Page


Fun School

Funology - The Science of Having Fun

Official Harry Potter Website
Hot Wheels

Kaboose Family Network

Magic - The Gathering
MaMaMedia - Fun Learning Activities for Kids

  MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries

Nintendo Home Page
Paramount's King Island
Pokemon World

Scooby Doo Search Results by Yahoo!
Sports Illustrated For Kids
Star Wars Official Website
Strange But True
Teen Titans Battle Blitz Game

Ty Inc. - The Official Website of the Beanie Babies
United States Air Force Museum
Warner Brothers Online - Kids

  Wizards of the Coast - Games
Yuckiest Site on the Internet



Major League Baseball:  Kids' Club

Extreme Skateboarding

Disc Golf

            More of Kevin's Favorites

Blue's Clues

Charlie Brown

Cartoon Network


Fun School
Nick Jr.
PBS Kids
The Ultimate VeggieTales Web Site


          Search Engines
CyberSleuth - Kids

Google - Kids and Teens

KidsClick - Web Search for Kids by Librarians


            If you have any ideas, suggestions, or find any dead links (that don't work)

            for my web page, please send me a message.  I am also interested in knowing 

            what state or country you live in.  Please let me know by emailing me at: 



            My Dad has researched our Herbig genealogy (family tree) and has lots
            of information on the Herbig, Olinger, Boeglin, Goldman and Puthoff
            families.  If you are interested in any of these family names or have
            information to share, you can send my Dad email at: 

            I hope you enjoy my web page.  Tell your friends to come visit too.

         Come back and visit again soon...

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