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Thomas Barlow was born in 1734 in Virginia. He served in the Revolutionary War and lived in Albemarle County, Virginia, Campbell County, Virginia, and Kentucky. He died around September or November 1808 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.

Thomas Barlow married Jane ---- around 1762 in Campbell County, Virginia. Their children were:

i. Tompkins Barlow was born in 1763-5 in Kentucky. He married Margaret West and he died in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

ii. William Henry Harrison Barlow was born in 1766 at Lynchburg, Virginia. He married Sarah Kimbrough and he died in Nicholas County, Kentucky.

iii. Jane Barlow married William Gosnell on 12 March 1778. She died at Vigo, Indiana.

iv. Elizabeth Barlow married Benjamin Gosnell in 1792.

v. Jesse Barlow.

vi. Edith Barlow was born around 1771. She married Obediah Tynes on 20 August 1794.

vii. Mary Barlow was born around 1773. She married William Epperson on 2 January 1782.

viii. Mildred Barlow was born on 2 July 1776 in Harrison County, Kentucky. She married Eliphalet Barlow.

ix. John Barlow was born around 1777. He died on 2 November 1845 in Nicholas County, Kentucky.

x. Lucy Barlow married John Sadler on 15 October 1798 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.



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