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The Lloyd House is a center for healing and good times in Cincinnati, Ohio, hosted by Ellen Bierhorst.  Here you can find wellness (psychotherapy, Alexander Technique, Pilates...), community (monthly drum circle, Chautauqua Pot Lucks, ...) and a unique ambiance of warmth and stimulation.

Mission Statement:
Let's get well, stay well, and make the world beautiful in every sense... and have fun. 



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Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D.  Clinical Psychologist

SkyLight, Holistic Education and Facilitated Group Support for Couples with Fertility Issues

Alexander Technique Teachers at the Lloyd House:
Ellen Bierhorst, Ph.D.   513 221 1289
Kristen Fryer                 513 374-1496



After 520 Salons (Ten years, EVERY week!) the salon ended with a bang on July 28, 2011.  Our next adventure will be:  The Lloyd House Chautauqua.  Stay Tuned!
Wednesday Night Pot Luck Salon
        group June 2011

   (The now-obsolete announcement was:)   Every week, 5:45, 52 weeks a year.  Good food, fellowship and wonderful talk until 8 pm.  No reservation required;  don't ring bell, just come in (leave shoes in the foyer).  Bring something to share.  We pass a donations basket and ask for $5 or what you feel good about giving.  Fun!  Join us.  3901 Clifton Avenue, 45220, please park on Lafayette Ave unless you are physically handicapped.   

National Register of Historic Landmarks, 1888:  What is the Lloyd House?

Link to the Lloyd Library: http:// www.lloydlibrary.org

For More information:  Phone (513) 221-1289   email: ellenbierhorst@lloydhouse.com
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Mission Statement:
Let's get well, stay well, and make the world beautiful in every sense... and have fun.
Holistic means that every part contains the whole; that no part can be separated from any other.
So getting well involves physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the individual.
The individual is related as cause and as result of the society.

Monthly Drumming Circle
On the FINAL Tuesday of each month:

“Drumming with the community helps healing, connects people to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, helps people focus and become grounded.” Tony Showa

Hope to see you on the LAST Tuesday of each month from 6:45 to 8:45 PM.

Where: The Lloyd House
3901 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati 45220  (see map at http://maps.google.com/)
(park on Lafayette Ave.)
Time: 6:45 to 8:45

Bring drums, rattles, your wonderful self to enjoy raising the collective vibrations for healing intent.


What is The Lloyd House?

Since 1957 my family has occupied this wonderful old home in Clifton.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks for its distinguished architecture (Richardson Romanesque Revival, 1888) and because it was the residence from 1908 of John Uri Lloyd, chemist, pharmacist, educator, botanist and author.  Dr. Lloyd, together with is also remarkable brothers founded the Lloyd Library on Plum Street, an internationally important repository of botanical - pharmacutical knowledge.
In 1997 I began hosting here a various assortment of programs related to  my interest in the holistic approach.  We have had yoga classes, musical performances, cooking classes, drumming circles, shamanism classes, healings by Tibetan monks, performance art and theater, ... even weddings.  Most people, coming for the first time to this house say, "Oh, I have noticed this house for years and always wanted to see the inside!" More about the Lloyd House property

The Alexander Technique  with Ellen Bierhorst at the Lloyd House

Photo of Ellen's
          teaching room

My teaching room at the Lloyd HOuse as of July, 2009

    In a daring move, I began training as an Alexander Technique teacher when I was 66.  I just couldn't not do it.  Now, in the summer of 2009, I have just completed the three year intensive training and am having a wonderful time seeing many people for lessons.  In the interests of seeing as many students as possible I am offering ridiculous low rates.* This is an opportunity you shouldn't pass up if you have ever had an interest in the technique.  Probably by Thanksgiving or before, I'll be raising the fee. My schedule has been completely booked since graduating and offering this great deal, so if you want to take advantage of it, you may have to wait. 
    If you  have never heard of the amazing Alexander Technique, it is good for aches and pains of the muscles, good for over all health, good for posture, good for artistic performance, good for athletic performance, and good for your psychology, whether you issue is stress, worry, time management, clutter control, ... the list goes on.  You can read introductions to the technique at many, many websites around the world.  Two of my favorites are :  http://www.alexandertechnique.com   and http://www.missyvineyard.com  .  Below, a link to some of my own writings on my path to becoming a teacher and my thoughts about the technique. 
    Call me up and schedule a small budget lesson!*  Ellen Bierhorst 513 221 1289

Link to a page with several articles I am writing about the technique.
* A word about fees.  As of this moment, 7/25/09, I believe I will offer any new pupil a free first lesson, followed by three lessons at $10, followed by four more lessons at $20... probably with the proviso that they pay in advance.  The concept is that a brand-new student cannot possibly groc the relevance and importance of the Alexander Technique in their lives short of that many lessons, so why not help them to get it?

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#1: Master Suite, Available 7/1/12

Five adults share separate bedrooms, communal spaces in the Lloyd House on Clifton Avenue. 
Second Floor Master Suite:
Two large rooms, gas burning fireplace in each, with enormous bathroom (including washing machine) and sleeping porch (3 season). 

Kitchen on third floor is shared among 4 housemates (two per refrigerator). 
Off-street parking.  Common rooms include: first floor living, dining rooms, spacious veranda with chiminea and Hatteras hammock, third floor meditation/movement room. 
Utilities:  heat, water, high speed wireless internet included. 

The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and relaxed.  We like to have periodic house brunch for current and former housemates, and typically have a live-music dancing party in the late summer. 
Housemates must be people who can be pleasant and up-beat 24/7, with rock solid ability to pay house-sharing dues on time without reminding.  Dues for the Master Suite:  $725/month.  Available 7/1/12.
(The gray areas in the photos below are an artifact of the computer;  the ceilings and walls are all in perfect shape.) 

four photos of Master Suite

#2: North West Bedroom, Second Floor:

Spacious room with 3 very large windows (facing N and W), beautiful bathroom, gas burning fireplace.  Loft with double bed mattress; fouton with double bed mattress.  Either furnished or unfurnished.  Shares kitchen on third floor (see photo) with 3 other housemates.  Laundry in basement.  Many wonderful common spaces (see above description.) $550 house dues per month, includes heat, electricity, water, high speed wireless internet connection. 
              photos, 2NW bedroom