Welcome to the Glen Este Church of Christ website. We have been working on a new website for some time. Please enjoy some of the new content that we have placed on the site. Some of the links above may not work yet but will be fixed shortly. We will be adding new content over the next few months so please check back often.


Glen Este has now been enrolled with Good Search. Good Search is a search engine a lot like Google. If you have ever searched for anything on Google, you can now search for it on Good Search. Every time you do a search on Good Search, Glen Este Church will receive a penny. Believe me, this adds up.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!


Meijer Community Rewards allows us to raise funds easily. Simply shop at Meijer, and we we will automatically receive cash rewards from your purchases. First, you have to join Meijer Community Rewards. (You need to use our code for us to receive these rewards - 493543.) It's free and can be done on-line at Meijer.com/rewards or by mailing in an application (available at our church or at Meijer). Enrolled members then pay for their Meijer purchase with cash or a PIN-debit card and their Meijer 1 Card, or with their linked Meijer Credit Card. All money received from the Meijer Community Rewards Program goes to our Building Fund.


What a week! We have hopefully experienced a once in a lifetime event for this area. A category 1 hurricane. As of this writing we are still without electric at home. I have cooked on the grill more this week than I have in a couple of years. Itís not too bad though. I think of the people in the Houston and Galveston area and what they are experiencing. We need to remember them in our prayers. Thankfully the Lord provided us with some great weather to help us cope with the inconvenience.

There are some rotten things going on under the golden arches and in the corporate offices of McDonalds. The American Family Association is calling for a boycott due to their active participation in promoting the homosexual lifestyle.