Ludlow, KY
     Welcome to my 611 page.  611 is one of the most powerful steam locomotives
ever built.  In the 1950's, she was a member of a family of 14 streamlined passenger
engines in the Norfolk and Western Railway's fleet.  By some very fortunate turns of
events, 611 was spared the fate met by her sisters - the cutting torch of the scrap heap.
She was purchased by a chemical plant and survived as a back-up boiler for years.
The N & W eventually merged with the Southern Railway to form the Norfolk Southern
NS reacquired 611 and the decision was made to restore her to excursion service where
she served until NS discontinued its excursion program in 1994.  She's since been retired
to the Museum of Transportation at her birthplace - Roanoke, Virginia.
611 leading excursion passengers across the Ohio River bridge at Ludlow, KY.

Excursion Photos:
Clare Yard
611 crossing the Little Miami River into Clare Yard
Prichard, WV Coaling Tower
611 thunders
eastbound beneath
the remains of a
former coaling
station on the
original N & W
line at Prichard,
West Virginia
on the point of
an excursion train
bound for
Devon, WV
August 13, 1994.
Prichard, WV Run By

 611 outside Cincinnati's former passenger station - Union Terminal
Union Terminal Night
Union Terminal

The Consist:
611's Tender - used for storing coal and water
Passenger Car
a typical N & W passenger car

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