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Jenn and Jim Nasca

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We are Jenn and Jim, from Ohio and we are excited by the possibility that you would consider us as loving open adoptive parents for your baby.We admire your strength as you make this difficult decision for your child.As you read our letter, we hope you can imagine and be comforted by how much your child will be loved and cared for in our family.Thank you for considering us as open adoptive parents.


We met 15 years ago in college and have been married since 1993.We have looked forward to bringing a child into our family, only to face incredible disappointment in learning it is not possible for us to create this dream together.This isnít how we expected it to be, and you may feel the same way.Together, open adoption can help all of us.We strongly believe through openness and trust, a relationship can be formed on all comfort levels that benefit everyone, especially the child.