Obvious Software: Software that should be part of Mac OS X

Obvious Software's goal is to produce applications and games that are simple in concept, but advanced in design. We are basically a one-man operation (I guess that I shouldn't say 'we.'). You can reach me at jechk@mac.com. Some of our products are shareware. If you use them for more than 30 days, you must pay a small registration fee. Please support Obvious Software so that we can continue to produce quality products. Our other products are available as open-source software.

Visit our Developer Page, for sample code and other resources for Cocoa developers.

If you are interested in developing themes for Mac OS X, download WidgetApp. It displays all of the Cocoa interface elements in one place, so you can preview and check your theme. For mose information on themes, visit XThemination.

I also have a modified version of the BlackBox window manager designed to run better on Mac OS X. If you don't know what a window manager is, you probably don't care about this.

Our Products


Latest version:1.5.3 (Released 3/6/02)

CalculX is a powerful scientific calculator for Mac OS X, featuring:

- Over 60 arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometric, combinatorial, statistical, bitwise, vector, and other operations.

- Fully integrated units featuring foot/inch mode, unit conversion, and automatic unit selection

- Powerful, extensible scripting language for advanced mathematics.

- 5 independant memories.

- Full functionality in hexadecimal, octal, and binary modes, and scientific notation in decimal mode.

- Editable, savable, printable tape window.

- Editable number list for batch operations, statistical, and vector operations.

- Editable lists of constants and conversion factors.

- Support for floating windows and transparency.

CalculX is $10 shareware.

Latest version:1.0b4

3DBlur is a 3D game for Mac OS X (with a Linux version coming) created for the 2002 uDevGame contest held by iDevGames. You can now download the source code there.

in 3DBlur, you fly through a maze of 3D canyons, making your way though challenging obstacles. See some screen shots.

Some of 3Dblur's code, including the terrain engine and collision detection code, is part of my Stellio game library. Stellio is Free Software available under the Lesser General Public License. You may find out about it here. The rest of 3Dblur's code will be released after the uDevGame contest is over, under the GNU General Public License.


Latest version:1.0.3

Skimmer is a simple, free 3D game for Mac OS X. Skimmer was created for the 2001 uDevGame contest held by iDevGames. You can now download the source code there.

Skimmer takes place on a randomly generated 3D terrain, where you must rush around to reach all of the waypoints in a limited time. You will need to navigate through the terrain to reach them.

Skimmer is free, and the source code is available.



Latest version:1.0.1

Landform is a free screen saver for Mac OS X. It displays a random terrain rendered in 3D. You can choose from (currently) two fractal algorithms, three color shemes and tweak various other settings.

Landform is Open Source software, and the source code is included.