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This site has been set up for the purpose of providing information on Burmite amber to both the scientist and interested
parties alike. The Burmite team started working with this fantastic source of scientific information and discoveries in
2003. Over 3000 specimens have been photographed and the scientifically important pieces have been made available
for study, others have been deposited with individuals who have a love for amber and its inclusions.

It has been a rather challenging experience working back and forth between Canada , Burma , Oregon , and Kentucky
trying to find, obtain, evaluate for scientific importance, photograph, classify and write papers on specimens. With all
that is involved over such great distances, I am sure, some corrections will need to be made, and I will be happy to do

The two most important finds were the 100 million year old mushroom (Piptocephalities Patricii), and a beetle which
shows the oldest example of chemical warfare a chemical soldier beetle( Melyridae Machiinae) . Many other discoveries
have been found such as The oldest complete scorpion( Electrochaerifus bucklei ), oldest known tick ( Compluriscutula
Ventulum) and the oldest known grasshopper ( Longioculus Burmensis ). I have truly found this to be one of the most
exciting and educational experiences of my life. It is a real pleasure working with all of these very learned and talented

If it were not for the tireless efforts and expense by Mr. Jim Davis this Burmite mining which was stopped a hundred
years ago, would still be stopped, and the world would not know of these fantastic discoveries. This Burmite came in
before the embargo against Burma ( Myanmar ) and what is left will be saved for scientific exploration and study.
Hopefully, this embargo can be lifted in the near future as there are many many more exciting discoveries to be found.

This Burmite collection was first offered to all of the largest Museums in the world, but funds availability for such an
endeavor was rather limited. Over 150 pieces have been placed in the trusted possession of Deniz Erin of Istanbul
Turkey . Part of my agreement in selling my collection to her is that she will make these specimens available for study to
any serious scientist and even provide them a place to stay and study the specimens. I feel sad that this collection is no
longer in my possession, but in working with Deniz, I feel that this fantastic collection in good hands. Any serious
scientist can contact me at
ronbuckley@fuse.net and I will put them in contact with Deniz Eren.

I hope that you enjoy the site and find it a tool for learning and discovery.  Ron Buckley
Home of the world's oldest mushroom.            Beetle showing first example of chemical warfare on earth.
The person that created and maintains this site can be contacted at kozmosis66@yahoo.com
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