Speedex Garden Tractor

                         This was my Dad's garden tractor.  He purchased it around 1955 or 1956.  It is a Speedex model M23 with a

                         Briggs & Stratton Model 23A 9Hp engine.  It has 2-speeds forward and 2-speeds in reverse.  No brakes!


                         The tractor was manufactured by the Pond Garden Tractor Company, Ravenna, Ohio.  There seems to be a

                         great following of Speedex owners at garden tractor shows in Northeastern Ohio and there are several web sites

                         but they are not kept up-to-date.  Should you read this page and know of someone attending the shows, or

                         know of an up coming show please contact me at ronbenge@zoomtown.com .


                         With the help of my neighbor the front and rear axle bushings and transmission bushings have been replace, the

                         carburetor has been rebuilt, and the oblong holes in the lift and steering linkages have been welded up and re-drilled,

                         and the clutch and steering shafts and bushings have been rebuilt.  I am still looking for an original muffler and need

                         to paint the entire tractor red except for the engine which should be all black.


Photo Gallery

Speedex Garden Tractor With Plow


Additional Photos:

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Speedex Garden Tractor

Photo #1

Speedex Garden Tractor

Photo #2

Speedex Garden Tractor

Photo #3

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Just waiting for weather to warm.


M23 10-Inch Plow

Model M23 Cultivators

42-inch Cutting Bar


Draw Bar

Speedex Garden Tractor Literature

Added 11/4/08  (Hope to improve on the image quality)

Pond Garden Tractors

Model M23 Garden Tractor

M23 Cultivating

M23 with 42 inch cutting bar







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