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                                                                          Location: Sharonville, Ohio

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Current Conditions


Last Updated: 9:34pm on 4/19/11



Outside Temperature: 73.4F
Temp 24 hr difference:  8.0F

Today's High: 73.4F at 9:32pm
Today's Low:
49.8F at 2:55am



Sunrise : 6:53am  Sunset: 8:17pm

Moonrise:   10:42pm   Moonset:  7:37am 

Moon Phase: 17

Outdoor Temperature Indoor Temperature

Current: 73.4F
73.4F at 9:32pm Lo: 49.8F at 2:55am
Average (1-hr):

Temp 24 hours ago:  65.4F

4.50F/hr at 7:00pm
-4.59F/hr at 12:17am

Current: 76.1F
High: 76.6F at 2:50pm Lo: 71.9F at 6:40am
Average (1-hr): 75.5F

Current: 0.55F/hr
High: 2.28F/hr at 2:50pm
Lo: -0.87F/hr at 12:58am

Dew Point Outdoor Humidity

Current: 65.0F
65.9F at 6:55pm Lo: 46.3F at 1:16am
Average (1-hr):

Dew Pt 24 hours ago:  51.6F

24 hour difference:  13.4

3.87F/hr at 3:54pm
-1.90F/hr at 12:37am

Current: 75%
High: 96% at 11:35am Lo: 74% at 9:32pm
Average (1-hr): 78%

Current: -3.3%/hr
High: 11.4%/hr at 12:06am
Lo: -8.9%/hr at 7:03pm

Heat Index Wind Chill
Current: 77.0F
High: 77.0F at 9:33pm Lo: 55.6F at 2:55am
Average (1-hr): 75.9F

Current: 1.03F/hr
High: 4.00F/hr at 3:54pm
Lo: -3.67F/hr at 12:29am

Current: 73.4F
High: 73.4F at 9:32pm Lo: 44.8F at 2:29am
Average (1-hr): 71.9F

Current: 1.46F/hr
High: 4.51F/hr at 7:00pm
Lo: -7.11F/hr at 12:38am




Barometer Wind Direction

Current: 29.58in
High: 29.85in at 12:09am Lo: 29.57in at 9:16pm
Average (1-hr): 29.61in

Baro Trend:  Falling

Current: -0.027in/hr
High: 0.050in/hr at 7:36am
Lo: -0.061in/hr at 2:29am

Current: SSW
High: 360 at 12:27am Lo: 1 at 12:01am
Average (1-hr): 135

Current: 61.5/hr
High: 269.9/hr at 3:10am
Lo: -250.3/hr at 1:55pm

Wind Speed Wind Gust (10 minute intervals)

Current: 8mph
High: 15mph at 9:23pm Lo: 0mph at 12:03am
Average (1-hr): 4mph

Current: 4.2mph/hr
High: 11.4mph/hr at 9:23pm
Lo: -4.1mph/hr at 3:19am

Current: 11mph
High: 17mph at 9:23pm Lo: 0mph at 3:30am
Average (1-hr): 9mph

Current: 2.0mph/hr
High: 8.8mph/hr at 1:52pm
Lo: -7.8mph/hr at 3:30am

Rainfall Comfort / UV / Solar

Rainfall (Daily): 1.22in
Rainfall Rate:  0.000in/hr

Rainfall 24 hours ago:  1.23in

Rainfall (Hourly):  0.00in

Rainfall (Monthly):  5.62in

Rainfall (Yearly):  14.41in


Heat Stress:  ---    

Comfort Level:  Comfortable

UV Index:  0.0

UV Index Rate:  -0.02

Solar Radiation:  0 W/sqm

Official Observations
Lunken Field Airport (KLUK) Hamilton, OH (KHAO)

Last Updated: mtr003KLUK
Temperature: mtr004KLUKF
Dew Point: mtr005KLUKF
Wind Chill: mtr016KLUKF
Heat Index: mtr017KLUKF
Relative Humidity: mtr006KLUK%
Pressure: mtr007KLUKin
Wind Direction: mtr008KLUK
Wind Speed: mtr009KLUKmph
Wind Gust: mtr010KLUKmph
Visibility: mtr011KLUK miles
Cloud Height: mtr012KLUK x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions: mtr013KLUK
Weather: mtr014KLUK

Last Updated: 04/19/2011 07:53pm
Temperature: 69.8F
Dew Point: 60.8F
Wind Chill: 69.8F
Heat Index: 73.1F
Relative Humidity: 73%
Pressure: 29.68in
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 3mph
Wind Gust: 3mph
Visibility: 9 miles
Cloud Height: 7.5 x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions: Overcast

Columbus, OH (KCMH) Dayton, OH (KDAY)

Last Updated: mtr003KCMH
Temperature: mtr004KCMHF
Dew Point: mtr005KCMHF
Wind Chill: mtr016KCMHF
Heat Index: mtr017KCMHF
Relative Humidity: mtr006KCMH%
Pressure: mtr007KCMHin
Wind Direction: mtr008KCMH
Wind Speed: mtr009KCMHmph
Wind Gust: mtr010KCMHmph
Visibility: mtr011KCMH miles
Cloud Height: mtr012KCMH x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions: mtr013KCMH
Weather: mtr014KCMH

Last Updated: 04/19/2011 07:56pm
Temperature: 64.4F
Dew Point: 62.6F
Wind Chill: 58.0F
Heat Index: 70.6F
Relative Humidity: 94%
Pressure: 29.68in
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 10mph
Wind Gust: 10mph
Visibility: 8 miles
Cloud Height: 7.5 x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions: Overcast

Indianapolis, IN (KIND) Louisville, KY (KSDF)

Last Updated: 04/19/2011 07:54pm
Temperature: 69.8F
Dew Point: 64.4F
Wind Chill: 64.7F
Heat Index: 74.4F
Relative Humidity: 83%
Pressure: 29.57in
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 10mph
Wind Gust: 10mph
Visibility: 6 miles
Cloud Height: --- x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions:
Weather: Haze

Last Updated: 04/19/2011 07:56pm
Temperature: 82.4F
Dew Point: 64.4F
Wind Chill: 80.1F
Heat Index: 84.0F
Relative Humidity: 55%
Pressure: 29.66in
Wind Direction: S
Wind Speed: 11mph
Wind Gust: 11mph
Visibility: 10 miles
Cloud Height: 6.0 x 1000 ft
Sky Conditions: Broken Clouds

Increasing clouds and cooler. Precip possible within 6 hrs Windy with possible wind shift to the W NW or N

Tue    High: 68 / Low:  59  T-storms  tstorms


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