APEX Ammunition

APEX (Armor Piercing EXplosive) ammunition combines APDS ammunition technology with a charge-delayed warhead for devastating effects and incredible knockdown power. Based loosely on 20th century HEAP tank rounds, APEX rounds pierce a target's armor and then explode, usually with dynamic results.

APEX ammunition is available for all weapon classes, including heavy weapons and vehicle weapons. APEX ammunition will halve all barrier ratings when fired against them, including personal armor. APEX ammunition attacks also receive a bonus of +2 to their attack power. In the case of ammunition explosions, APEX ammunition is treated as explosive ammunition.


Additional Effect




As Weapon

Halve barrier ratings, +2 to attack power

1.25 per 10 rounds

100 Y per 10 rounds

[Now here's a piece of ammunition that EVERYONE can agree on.]


[Unless you're on the receiving end, chummer.]


[Ya, mon, bit just try an findin de stuff. Even de eye an de eye be in a haze. Truly dred, mon.]


[What da frag is he sayin'?]


[Mon says it's really tough to find this stuff.]


[When Hern has to translate, I really begin to wonder ...]


[Look out with this ammo, chummers -- it's one REALLY hot potato. I caught a bust goin' down last year that Lone Star seemed to be takin' real seriously. Some poor slags were conducting some arms biz in a one room house down in the Barrens when Lone Star suddenly showed up and took an interest. The slots opened up fire on Lone Star and took down about three guys in tac armor right away. Next thing I spies is a Yellowjacket pouring APR after APR into the house. There was absolutely NOTHING left when they were done. I found out later through a Lone Star buddy that there was a stolen UCAS military shipment of APEX ammo at the house. Lone Star had explicit orders to make sure that the ammo, and those people in the house, never left.]


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