Scriptural Passages from Contemporary Christian Music

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to faithfully research the rich scriptural roots of much of all Christian music, concentrating on Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and other Christ centered church music and to make the research available to the body of Christ for personal Bible study and in preparations for church services, Sunday school classes and Bible studies by means of whatever media the Lord makes available.

Scripture Allusions are sometimes very prominent in a song, especially if the Bible quote is taken almost word for word. Scriptural Allusions may also be more subtle as when a biblical concept is referenced in a song. Also known as Biblical Allusions, a good definition is found at: (Click Here).

Currently there are over 10,343 unique songs researched from over 1,400+ CD, /Tapes or songbooks and over 25,000 passage Allusions and over 2,600 links to sites with "official" lyrics in the references in the table below Click on any of the following Books For a List of Songs From That Book The number below the book represents the approximate page count of sub-pages. On big books, watch the URL and edit the Page# to jump around as needed

  Genesis  7 Pages

    Exodus   6 Pages

   Leviticus   2 Pages

Numbers 2 Page

Deuteronomy 8 Pages

  Joshua   3 Pages

   Judges    1 Page

     Ruth      1 Page

 1 Samuel 4 Pages

_2 Samuel_ 3 Pages

_       1 Kings_     2 Page

  2 Kings   1 Page

1 Chronicles 5 Pages

2 Chronicles 4 Pages

    Ezra    1 Page

  Nehemiah   2 Pages

    Ester   1 Page

      Job      6 Pages

  Psalms   155 Pages

 Proverbs  9 Pages

Ecclesiastes 2 Pages

Song Of Solomon 3 Pages

   Isaiah   39 Pages

  Jeremiah   8 Pages

Lamentations 3 Pages

  Ezekiel  4 Pages

    Daniel       3 Pages

  Hosea   2 Pages

     Joel      2 Page

     Amos    1 Page

 Obadiah  1 Page

     Jonah     1 Page

         Micah         2 Page

  Nahum   1 Page

 Habakkuk 2 Page

  Zephaniah  1 Page

  Haggai  1 Page

   Zechariah   2 Pages

 Malachi  3 Pages

  Matthew  50 Pages

    Mark   38 Pages

   Luke    22 Pages

     John     47 Pages

           Acts         13 Pages

 Romans 25 Pages

1 Corinthians 18 Pages

2 Corinthians 12 Pages

Galatians 7 Pages

  Ephesians 18 Pages

Philippians 13 Pages

Colossians  8 Pages

  1 Thessal.  5 Pages

2 Thessal. 2 Page

  1 Timothy  5 Pages

       2 Timothy      6 Pages

    Titus     3 Pages

   Philemon   1 Page

   Hebrews  19 Pages

   James   5 Pages

     1 Peter     10 Pages

 2 Peter   3 Pages

   1 John   13 Pages

     2 John   1 Page

   3 John   1 Page

      Jude      2 Page

     Revelation     44 Pages

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The research is being done by a team of volunteers. We welcome additional help from the following 4 categorizes of people:

1. Prayer warriors to keep the work in their prayers.

2. CD Reviewers to catalogue liner note passages from uncompleted CDs.

3. Passage Researchers to do original research of passages from uncompleted CDs.

4. URL Link Researchers to surf "Official" artists/writers sites and find links to lyrics.

Please pray about and consider joining the research team. It is easy and makes a great Bible study. You can e-mail me directly at:

There have been 2 magazine articles written about the work. Click on the pictures below to see these articles


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