View Traffic cams and Web cams ALL over the World!

Set up YOUR OWN cameras! It is fairly easy and directions are included on the help screen.

Set up a group of cameras for your daily commute. See where the delays are.

Big buttons make it easy to use while driving.

Optimized for mobile devices.

Also, watch Old Faithful erupt, see where the Queen Mary 2 ship is heading,...
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Traffic Cams and
Web Images
Updated 10/28/09 : Added auto-dialing

This is more than just a dialer!

This app will be the most used app on your Android device.

* Call
* Email Groups
* Email Individuals
* Text - SMS Groups and Individuals
* Visit Web Pages

All from ONE application!

Store the top 30 things you do in this app.

Nice BIG buttons makes it easier to read and use than the small shortcuts on your home page.

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View webcams and images from all over the world!

80 Camera links loaded.

You can set up your OWN links to cameras. It is fairly easy and directions are included in the help screen.

Please do not use this app to view adult oriented web cams.

Take a virtual trip all over the world from the comfort of your phone.

Set up camera groups such as famous places, cruise ships, or beaches.

Monitor the web cams at your business or home.

You control the content!
Web Cameras
and Images
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Easily pick emails from your contact list.

Great for emailing a group of people.

Supports To, Cc and Bcc.

Loads up your email app with the selected emails. Remembers the last email addresses so follow-up emails are easily accomplished.

Many people find it easier to pick from a list than typing on the keyboards.
Email Address
Easily create group contacts from your phone. Created contacts are then synced with Gmail.

Quickly contact your work members, Soccer Team, group of friends, family members, drinking buds,...

You can create a text message group or an email group. This app allows you to import the phone numbers or email addresses.

The Contacts app must be used when texting groups.
Group Contact