Prayer for Catholic Schools

Loving God, Catholic schools are Communities that inspire by teaching your word, living your message and loving your people. Grant that we will grow and flourish in this mission. Give us strong wills and generous hearts to build values for a lifetime in our school communities of today. Give us the courage to accomplish your desire for us. We ask this in the name of your son, our brother, Jesus. Amen.

As written and read by Linda DesMarais at the first PTO meeting 9/17/02

As I was standing in the St. Savior parking lot on the second day of school waiting for cars to direct, I looked around and wondered what the walls of this school might be saying at the anticipation of not only 120 children filling the halls again but 500!  I wondered what people who live around here were feeling about the loss of their school children and having us there instead.

Just then, an elderly woman pulled into the lot.  She slowly rolled down her window and I was about to get the answer I was searching for.  "Thank you for being here," she said. "It's so wonderful!"  I wasn't sure whether to say "you're welcome" or "thank you."

As I turned toward the street, 2 gentlemen were waving and smiling.  One commented, "I haven't seen that many children and buses in that parking lot in 20 years!"  I replied, "We have 500!"  They shouted back, "Oh that's great!" and gave a thumbs up.

I watched too, bus after bus and with tremendous pride I thanked God for being a part of St. Michael School; a school where our courageous Principal, wonderful teachers and dedicated staff have given many extra hours preparing for the very best school year they can provide for our children.

Thank you heavenly Father for these blessings along with the beautiful welcome of the St. Savior community.  Thank you for Father Mike who has the opportunity and privilege to make a huge impact on the spiritual life of a school child.

A very special blessing Lord, is asked for our shcool teachers here, may you abundantly bless them for dedicating themselves to teaching and nurturing our precious children.  Thank you teachers a million times over for loving them.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for wonderful supportive parents who believe Catholic education is important.

Please bless our school year once again with safety, peace and respect.


Phillipians 3:12
I don't mean I am perfect.
I haven't learned all I should.
But I will keep working toward that day
when I will finally be all that Christ saved me for
and wants me to be.

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