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my wife Christine and I

This website provides information on some games that appeared in Games magazine and Abstract Games magazine. Many thanks to their respective editors, R. Wayne Schmittberger and Kerry Handscomb. Complete rules are given, as well as sample games with commentary, handicap systems and puzzles. Since all these games can be played with pen-and-paper, I've included some printable boards marked for notation. I'd be happy to play any of these games via e-mail, and I also enjoy playing shogi variants (Wa and Dai-dai in particular). Lately I've been playing a lot of Akron, a game which I had the opportunity to make some helpful suggestions for. Akron is implemented for Richard's, so please challenge me if you'd like --- my user id is stevmey.

For those interested in Y theory, there's now a very nice online proof at Cut-the-Knot.

The revised version of my game Forms has been nicely written up by Joao Neto. Below is a picture of one of our cats, Shogi, checking out a homemade board with a game in progress.

Forms has now been implemented on iggamecenter, where it is known as "advanced Forms."

UPDATE! Greg Schmidt has written a freeware program for BoxOff, a solitaire game that I invented. --- Download instructions: click on the blue "Download now!" just above the program specifications (regarding size, release date, OS etc.) and then click on "FreewareFiles Direct Download." ---

Thanks to Cameron Browne for suggesting the concise and descriptive name BoxOff. Here's a pic of my wife playing a game on a physical board.

BoxOff is featured in the August 2013 issue of GAMES magazine!

Here are two more pics of homemade boards. The one on the left I made for my Mom, and the other one for my wife.
And here's me part way through a game on a jumbo board.

There's now an iOS app for BoxOff, written by Michael Gilbert! The basic version is free, with IAP options. There are no ads.

Below is a pic of a board I made for Evergreen shogi, a variant that I invented. (The rules are posted on It's difficult to see, but the promoted values are in red. Next to that is a pic of our cat Destiny, relaxing on top of an earlier version of the game.
Here's a couple of boards that I printed out and laminated for mini-games that I enjoy. The one on the left is the introductory size of Mark Thompson's Gaia, and the one on the right is Brandub, one of the small games in the ancient hnefatafl family.


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